A recent project: Design an installation of CHAdeMO compatible fast-charging capability in the Ecotricity Nemesis electric supercar. 

Here are comments from some of my customers. 

Richard Hancock - Bluemaestro Ltd.

"Nik has been excellent in this project often going above and beyond to get the job done. There were a number of issues that Nik faced due to the innovative nature of the development code and he showed true determination and professionalism to overcome these issues. I would highly recommend Nik and in fact he is helping us on a number of other projects."

Jason Chan - 22Moo Pty Ltd.

"Nik is one of the best electronic engineers I had the privillage to work with. He had always kept me updated throughout the project and also delivered exactly what I had speficied and more. I look forward to working with Nik again and highly recommend him to anyone without hestitation."

Matt Ma - Board Builders

"I recently used one of the leading crowd sourcing sites to find an electrical engineer to design a controller unit for a planned upgrade to the rocker table. I realised after seeing the home on Freelancer.com.au that I am indeed a late comer to the party as the number of projects completed is a touch over 1.5 million."

"The project was to design the controller and PCB for a temperature and pressure controller unit that would interface with the recent micro controller based standalone computer kit that I put together called the Maximite. The controller needed to be able to take input from 4 temperature sensors and 2 vac pressure sensors and be able to switch 3 independent loads of up to 1 kW each. The Maximite will provide the intelligence for the controller as well as being able to log the temperature and pressure data."

"I posted the project on Freelancer and within a matter of 1/2 hour bids started to come in on the project. The bids varied widely in price and presentation. I eventually awarded the project to an electrical engineer in the UK - Nik Staunton. It was an interesting experience as Nik's bid was higher than most of the other bids yet when his proposal came in it took almost no time to decide to award it to him. It's a very interesting thing about how we make such decisions. This is a case of hiring a supplier I have never met and will never meet, who I never heard of before through a site I have never used before. Part of process was actually working out how to select someone although the search was a subconscious one."

"It's interesting the cues you take in when you think you're asking 'who' but actually trying to answer 'how'. Like gazing into clouds our minds are able to construct a reality based on light and dark spots in fog and so too I found myself building solid pictures of the bidders based on the oddest cues and overlay a desire to take a risk out of respect for this brand new world. It wasn't until Nik's bid at the higher end of the bids came in but with a professional scope of work that demonstrated an understanding of the project and a familiar level of professionalism that I realised that Freelancer is not new it's just a brand new world it's just a different way of the doing the same thing I would do if I was hiring someone down the road - pay to minimise risk; minimise the risk of being electrocuted, the risk of getting a dud product, the risk of my $$ disappearing into the ether."

"So to the credit of my 'Ah ha' moment Nik delivered the project ahead of schedule and with supporting documentation, bill of materials and all the files that I needed to get the boards made."

"A very good first experience and one that I plan on repeating."

"As for the board, I found a local manufacturer who will make the bare boards (no components) at $130 for 2 (most of which is set up cost) - very reasonable for prototype boards. I'm yet to price the components."

"If you are looking for a bespoke electronics project I can highly recommend Nik, as I've done online (I promise no kick backs here just wanting to share my successes with others) nik (at) nikstaunton (dot) com."